Excellent!  I have permanent eyeliner done by Mary.  It is just beautiful.  No more eyeliner pencils!  No more having it wear off during the day!  I can’t recommend her highly enough.  She is a true professional and a perfectionist.   Just what you want when you’re having permanent makeup done!  The procedure stings a bit when you first start but that quickly disappears, to the point that I was nodding off while having it done.  I’m going to have my eyebrows done next.  If you’re considering permanent makeup, Mary is your go to person!  Kate A.  Bellingham, WA


Eyes and Lips – Va Va Voom! Mary is a perfectionist. The procedures take along time, but it is time well spent. I’ve had so many people comment about how good I look since I’ve had eyeliner and lips put on permanently. Big bonus: looking great without having to spend any time in front of a mirror. I LOVE Mary. Diann P./ Belfair, WA.


Stop procrastinating!  I was sorry I waited so long to have my eyebrows done.  After many years of having to draw in over half my brow each day I finally took the time to have them done permanently.  Mary’s expert hand, safe procedures and knowledge totally changed my opinion of permanent make-up.  She is a perfectionist when it comes to her work – I do not hesitate to recommend her.  It has been almost 2 years since I had them done and there is not a day that I regret this decision.  I love having eyebrows!”  Stephanie H./ Burlington WA.


“I’m thrilled with my permanent eyeliner.  It looks perfectly natural and really defines my eyes without having to apply make-up.  I can always add more color if I want a more dramatic evening look.  Mary is an amazing artist.  She is meticulous in her craft.  I had a wonderful experience and am thrilled with the results.”

Vivian M Ledesma, DC – Alliance Healing Arts Center – Seattle, WA.


I had eyeliner done a few years ago from a different technician. I looked forward to no longer having to penciling eyeliner, everyday! However, as things healed my right eyeliner was lighter, the design was very conservative and less than what I wanted. I was excited to have Mary redesign and correct my eyeliner. She worked closely with me to design a line that was custom for the shape and color of my eyes. Mary took her time and made me feel comfortable and completely confident in her skills. Mary’s gentle application makes the procedure very comfortable too. I love my new eyeliner, they finally match and the new design makes my eyes stand out. But best of all I like having people notice how beautiful and natural looking they are!

Julia Bitondo – Licensed Esthetician – Seattle, WA.


Having my Permanent Cosmetics done by Mary Tacia is the best thing I could of ever done. After several frustrating years of plucking and waxing my Eyebrows I still didn’t get the results I was looking for. After only a few visits with Mary I am so pleased with my new look. She also made my eyes sparkle with a Narrow Eyeliner. Not to mention my Lips! I wanted fuller looking Lips and that’s what Mary gave me with a “Lip Extension”. I considered collagen injections, but wow expensive, painful, and not long lasting. I am now forever grateful, and forever beautiful! Thank You Mary.

Francesca Armstrong – Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, WA.


I would highly recommend Mary Tacia’s permanent cosmetic procedures for anyone who wants to look their best with a minimum of effort. I opted for permanent eyeliner and love it. I’d also like to recommend her natural skincare products and mineral makeup, what a healthy difference, my skin glows. I really appreciate Mary’s holistic approach to the beauty experience and her attention to detail. Thank you so much for helping me take better care of myself.

LaLani Anderson, RN – Oak Harbor, WA


I love my new eyeliner and eyebrows. My eye color really pops now and I look awake and refreshed. Mary really cares about her clients. Being a perfectionist, she will make sure your procedure is done right. I can’t wait to have my lips done next. I will recommend permanent makeup to anyone, but only if Mary Tacia does the procedure. And did I forget to mention how painless Mary’s method is? Yes, I dozed off a few times zzzzz!

Erin Jorgenson – Anacortes, WA.


Permanent Cosmetics seemed a perfect solution for me. A contact wearer with lenses constantly smeared with bleeding liner, but until I met Mary I had not seen an application that looked natural. I’ve told Mary she is her own “poster child” for her precision work. A consultation with Mary will assure anyone that Mary isn’t going to take working on someone’s face lightly. Her precise measuring, talented color mixing, gentle nature and patience with application makes her an artist in her own right. I am very happy with my brows, lash enhancement, and am seriously thinking of a lip procedure. She is the best!

Nora O’Connell-Balda – Oak Harbor, WA.


I highly recommend Mary Tacia of Belle Ve’ without reservation for her permanent cosmetics and scar camouflage (epidermal). I have suffered with an open heart surgery scar for over 30 years. Mary is the first person with a technique that could minimize it’s visibility. I am very pleased with the results so far and anxious to see the permanent changes over the next few months. I have referred many clients to Mary for all of the services she provides. She is professional, compassionate, and very patient. She has a warm and inviting clinic in her home, she is meticulous about the cleanliness and details of every technique. I have even brought my husband in for intradermabrasion (scar treatment). He too was impressed with the abilities for permanent correction to life long skin problems.

Dr. Dawn Keith, DC – Bayshore Chiropractic – Oak Harbor, WA


If you want to save time getting ready in the mornings plus have perfect eyeliner and eyebrows every time then permanent cosmetics is the answer for you. Another advantage is that if you work out your eyeliner and eyebrows stay in place instead of ending up on a towel. I have never been able to wear lipstick and with the full lip enhancement I have color on my lips for the first time in my life plus my teeth look whiter and my smile is bigger. Plan on spending some time with Mary, she is a perfectionist and is not going to let you leave until the procedure is done to perfection.

Joy Primiano – Oak Harbor, WA


Mary Tacia has done an excellent job of helping me to feel like a beautiful lady! She has been doing Intradermabrasion (skin remodeling) with me for the past 6 months now. Her professionalism and technique have been beyond my expectations. I have been seeing Mary as her case study, as she’s been only treating one side of my face so that we may see the true difference skin remodeling can make. Also with the use of her Skin Care Products on the treated side. The difference is astonishing! She is almost ready to start on the other side now and I can hardly wait! My husband, friends and family are all seeing the difference and are surprised at the visible results. The great thing about seeing Mary is that I can do so during my lunch hour. Her studio is magical with her scented candles, herbal scents, dimmed lights and soft music. I feel like a million bucks after and find the rest of the day to be pleasant and happy. I highly recommend Mary for her knowledge and professionalism in the many procedures she does, the excellent Bella Ve Skin Care Product line, and her friendly and easy going mannerisms. I respect her and cherish her as a good friend!

Rosie Noble RN, BSN – Oak Harbor, WA


I have had several different treatments from Mary Tacia, including Intra-dermabrasion wrinkle revision and Permanent Eyeliner. Having experienced other procedures I am reluctant to have anyone other than Mary do anything to my skin. She is meticulous to detail, thorough, and as a nurse I appreciate her clean technique. Her treatment room is beautiful, warm, inviting and spotless. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to spend time with a confident, talented lady who will make them not only look better, but feel better too.

Patsy Hammerstrom, RN – Anacortes, WA.


“It’s easy to tell that Mary loves what she does, and I LOVE what she did!” Thanks, Mary, for your attention to detail and for taking the time to create eyeliner and brows that will save some VERY precious time in my hectic morning routine!! Now I can ‘face the world’ in record time!!”

Anne Baker-Beste – Poulsbo, WA.


I had my eye liner and eyebrows done by Mary with the softtap method. And it’s true “it’s virtually pain free”. I am very pleased with the way they look. Everyone that knows I have had these procedures done say how natural they look. I have very sensitive eyes and I enjoy the fact that my eyeliner is no longer rubbed off during the day. And my eye brows have taken on a new shape. My husband and I vacation often and my permanent makeup has made my days less hectic. “Less time spent in the mirror, More time spent with my husband!” I would highly recommend Mary Tacia to anyone who is looking at having any procedures done.

Joyce Nelson – Oak Harbor

I am delighted to recommend Mary Tacia to anyone interested in Permanent Cosmetics. She inspires me with her confidence, talent, cleanliness, and attentiveness to detail. As a medical assistant I appreciate her sanitation techniques. It’s always a little scary to have anything “permanent” applied to one’s body but with her soft-tap technique for permanent eyeliner has left me with great confidence in her abilities to do this delicate procedure. I hope other women will try this wonderful, time saving gift of make-up that’s “always on”. I am a very satisfied client of Mary’s!

Cindy McManigle, CMA – Oak Harbor, WA.


I’ve thought about having permanent make up for many years now, only to wind up dismissing the idea. I’m way too particular about my looks, and the thought of it not working out…scared me. Afterall, “It’s permanent!” Then a few of my friends referred to Mary and she explained all the details of the process to her procedures. I thought it might be painful too, and I was amazed at how comfortable I was during my procedures, I almost feel asleep! I now have beautiful and very natural eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color. I’m absolutely thrilled! Mary is a very talented artist as she creates the most natural looking colors and designs that no one even knows you had done until you tell them! Besides the obvious of saving time, I love the fact that when I wash my face, I still have definition and not look so washed out. I don’t know what my future holds, but even if I’m camping in the wilds of Borneo, I’ll look great! Lose your fears and give Mary a try. I’m sure glad I did.

Susan Ingram – Lander, Wyoming


Mary, I love my new eyebrow’s you gave me, because I literally had none! I think it improves my look and it frames out my face. And my new eyeliner is beautiful too. It makes my mornings so quick and easy now. I’m retired and a competitive roller skater, and I need to look my very best when competing. I look younger, and feel great! I don’t know why I waited so long!

Nola Bowdridge – Burlington, WA.


After years of putting off having my eyebrows permanently restored due to cost and fear I am so glad I put myself in Mary’s very talented hands! Mary is very skilled, knowledgeable and affordable. It was an excellent experience.

Stephanie Hooper – Burlington, WA.


I was seeking quality and received quality plus!
I had my brows and eyeliner permanently done seven years ago in Idaho. I have been searching for someone who has the professional quality that I received in Idaho to touch up and go over what I had done before. Mary listened to what I wanted and gave me exactly the look that I asked for. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants the best without permanent mistakes.

Myrna Beasley – Oak Harbor, WA.


Daily compliments on my brows!
I have been drawing my eyebrows on since I was 12 years old. Finally at the age of 40 I am getting daily compliments on how great my eyebrows look, even from strangers. Mary was thorough, patient and professional from start to finish. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to take time out of your day to meet with Mary Tacia.

~Racquel McDermott – Mt. Vernon, WA.


I’ve got those eyes with permanent eye liner thanks to Mary!
Wow–fantastic look with both upper and lower eyeliner. Eyeliner has always given me that pop for my facial expressions. Now, no more eyeliner pencils. Mary’s skill and perfection and safe procedure has given me the beauty treatment of always ‘being on’. Love it, love it. Recommend it to all women who have been eyeliner users.

Kathy Larson – Anacortes, WA.


After years of research, I finally had my eyebrows permanently done by Mary Tacia. No more eyebrow pencils!!! This is what most Mothers need who have a very busy life. I can actually say, I feel more comfortable waking up in the morning and don’t even bother with make-up on. A lot of time saving!!!! I highly recommend Mary. She is very skilled, knowlegeable and a perfectionist. Out of all, she is very personable.

Emy Baustista – Mt. Vernon, WA.


I shopped around and found the best artist for me at Bella Ve
Mary Tacia is by far the best at applying permanent make up. Mary gave me beautiful full lip color and shaped my eyebrows to perfection. She has the most awesome personality, and cares about you and your desire to look and feel your very best. With Mary’s gentle application my procedures were so comfortable that I almost feel asleep several times! Please take the time and shop around, I not only found great prices, but a great professional too! Thank you again Mary for restoring my beauty.

Melissa Baker, LVN Fresno, CA.


I have been unhappy with my eyebrows for some time. Through a friend of a friend I heard about Mary Tacia and Bella Ve Permanent Makeup. I called Mary and spoke to her. She was pleasant and very helpful on the phone. I was impressed with her website! Mary is so Awesome! I am so pleased with my eyebrows, I love them! No regrets! Mary is a very talented, gentle and caring person.
I would recommend Mary to anyone that wants to enhance their look!

L S Cornwell
Sedro Woolley , WA


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