Holy Grail REVIEWS


I love my Holy Grail essential oil serum by Bella Ve.  A few drops is all it takes to cover my face and neck and best of all it soaks in instantly.  I put it on every morning and evening and can’t believe the difference in my skin.  Very smooth and no more Fine Lines!  Thank you Mary for creating such an awesome product!




Marjie Baker – Portland, OR.


I’ve been using Bella Ve’s essential oil anti-aging serum for several months now and simply love it.  It is lightweight, goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly into my skin, and has a nice light fragrance.  From the moment you try it you’ll notice a visible firming effect.  I have also started noticing my skin tone to be more even toned, my pores to be lessened, and it seems to have reduced some of the fine line wrinkles around my eyes and mouth.  I use this as part of my daily routine, both in the morning and evening.  Truly an amazing product.  I highly recommend it.



Jeanette Voigt – Oak Harbor, WA.

As a former new development Project Manager for a major Cosmetic Laboratory, I must say, I absolutely LOVE this product!  Holy Grail Serum has a great smell and feel!  It soaks right into my skin and leaves it feeling soft and silky, not oily at all.  I don’t feel as if I need any additional lotion on my face after using Holy Grail.  If I do add a daily moisturizer or night cream on top, the spread-ability is much better than normal so I don’t need to use nearly as much. In the morning, Holy Grail also creates a nice smooth canvas for my daily primer and foundation to glide on more smoothly.  I suggest you give it a try, you’ll be glad you did!!!




Ashlie Kaufman – Pocatello, Idaho


I’ve been using the Holy Grail serum for about a year now, and I love it.  As someone with an oily skin type, it is hard for me to find moisturizers that are effective at moisturizing without making my skin feel greasy.  The Holy Grail absorbs really quickly and leaves my skin soft without feeling oily.  I’ve noticed my skin tone appears much more even, and my fine lines are less noticeable too!  The thing that I love most is that it is an all-natural product, so I know I’m getting great anti-aging benefits without putting a bunch of chemicals in my body.  I highly recommend this oil for anyone and everyone!




Melissa Wedekind – Fresno, CA

Hey Everyone….this serum is truly AMAZING!!!  I want everyone to know that this stuff REALLY WORKS! I’ve been using Holy Grail for only a few weeks now but, even after just one day I could already see a big change in my skin tone and my laugh lines gone. Believe me you won’t know unless you try it, so I hope you do!





Kay Lang – Oak Harbor, WA.


I’m on my second bottle of Holy Grail serum and I love the way my skin looks and feels.  A few months ago I reached out to Mary at Bella Ve’ to see if she had anything natural that would help with wrinkles, fine lines and in general “old” type skin issues.  She recommended her anti-aging Holy Grail and I’m happy to say the skin on my face and neck is firmer and more even toned.  I also didn’t realize how thirsty my skin was but, as I use Holy Grail my skin is more subtle or soft, hydrated and my fine lines are diminishing.  Thank you Mary for the recommendation!





Karla Sharkey – Oak Harbor, WA


I received a bottle of Holy Grail for Mother’s Day and I love it. It moisturizes without being greasy, creates a wonderful base for my foundation to glide on evenly and best of all my rosacea is gone? After I have applied the serum to my face and neck I smooth my hands through my hair to add some moisture and shine. I live in an extremely dry climate and I’m outside a great deal so my skin needs all the help it can. I’m careful about what I put on my skin because I get contact dermatitis easily and where there are breaks in my skin I get psoriasis. I sound like a mess don’t I? I love that this product it all natural and is very soothing and healing. I highly recommend it!




Rose Anne Voigt – Pocatello, Idaho


We have been using this product for almost a year. We both love the fact that it has no additives and uses only natural oils. The product lasts quite a while as it only takes one to two pumps to cover the face and neck area. It goes on very smooth and light and doesn’t leave any oily or sticky residue on the skin. It makes the skin feel soft and smooth which also makes it a great face preparation for morning makeup routine. We do use it as part of our daily day and night routine.

It appears to have lightened my age spots not only on the face but on the hands. It has helped smooth facial wrinkles around the eye and lip area and has decreased skin dryness. It has helped reduce the appearance of pores. We both intend to continue using this all natural product – it doesn’t have age boundaries in providing benefits as it has helped both my daughter, who is in her forties, and myself in my 60’s. Love it and plan on continuing to use this product.

Vicky K, Michigan (Mom) & Kristen M (Daughter)


I’ve enjoyed trying Holy Grail for the first time. Enjoyed the light scent, the fact it’s not too oily and gives my skin a fresh dewy feel. I’ve enjoyed using it and would buy it again. Highly recommend.

Joan Barlow – LaConnor, WA.


Holy Grail Oil is just that. The answer to dry skin and age spots. Its effects begin to be obvious within two-three days! It makes skin silky SOFT, age spots gradually begin to fade. I no longer have to use concealers to cover up discoloration!! Try it. I’m sure you’ll love 💕 it.

Rosalie Rizzo Miller – Mesa, Arizona